Lee  Culpepper

When good Americans go bad, there's one man who is their best friend: General David Petraeus. In fact, no congressman is too much for him to handle -- he rehabilitates mentally unstable liberals; he leads brave military people. He is the Congress Whisperer.

Like dog-behavior expert Caesar Milan from the hit series The Dog Whisperer – the man who dazzles viewers with his ability to establish pack leadership over mentally unbalanced dogs, Gen. Petraeus exercised calm and assertive leadership to rein in and to expose mentally unbalanced Democrats during last week's congressional hearings.

Before Patraeus could begin rehabilitating unstable Democrats, however, the troop-supporting Democrats demonstrated exactly how deranged they are. The first week of September, Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., proclaimed that American troops had nothing to do with the progress in Iraq.

Schumer said, "Let me be clear; the violence in Anbar has gone down despite the surge, not because of the surge. The inability of American soldiers to protect these tribes from al-Qaida said to these tribes, 'We have to fight al-Qaida ourselves.' It wasn't that the surge brought peace here."

With that highly patriotic quote, Schumer offered a glimpse of the challenge that lay waiting to maul The Congress Whisperer. And despite California Congressman Tom Lantos's impudent accusation that Petraeus was before the House Foreign Affairs Committee to merely parrot President Bush's positive war message, The Congress Whisperer established his calm-assertive energy among those unbalanced representatives by clarifying immediately -- in his naturally composed and convincing temperament -- that the testimony he would deliver would be his own.

With only a paltry 26% of the entire Congress having any military experience, the plethora of Democrats devoid of military skill exhibited their psychoses consistently -- yapping out political diatribes against the administration and offering military counsel to a four star general. These patriots supported the troops by snarling insolent remarks about the war's commanding general – the man successfully leading his troops in combat right now. These wannabe-military advisers dismissed Gen. Patraeus before he ever spoke. Rarely did they engage him with meaningful questions. Nonetheless, Patraeus remained unfazed by their contempt. He displayed proven leadership and military expertise throughout the hearings. He also calmly put each naïve pseudo-commander in his or her place when given his opportunity to respond.

Lee Culpepper

A former Marine Corps officer and a recovering high school English teacher, Lee Culpepper is a Christian, husband, writer, and mentor. Read and share other articles by Lee Culpepper at TheBlaze and BearingArms. Email Lee your feedback or inquiries here or contact Lee on Twitter @drcoolpepper.