La Shawn Barber

Posted June 25, 2007

Forty-five years ago today, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the reciting of state-sponsored prayers in government schools – a matter that should have been left in the hands of the states – was unconstitutional.

Posted June 18, 2007

Last year, an obscure prosecutor from North Carolina made a decision that would turn him into a national pariah and end his 28-year legal career.

Posted June 11, 2007

Tomorrow marks the 40th anniversary of Loving v. Virginia, the landmark Supreme Court case that declared Virginia’s law against interracial marriage unconstitutional.

Posted June 04, 2007

Allowing prosecutors to seek the death penalty for child rapists seems to be gaining ground.

Posted May 31, 2007

The battle between blacks and Hispanics for preferred minority group status is only beginning. But blacks don’t need to look to pencil-pushing politicians to “lead” them on this issue. All that is required is common sense and the will to demand that elected officials support immigration law enforcement and oppose any bill that grants the blessing of American citizenship on people who have no regard for this country’s laws.

Posted April 30, 2007

Last week, the House Committee on the Judiciary passed a bill that would expand the federal definition of so-called hate crime to add homosexuals and people confused about their gender to the list of protected classes.

Posted April 23, 2007

In 1996, registered nurse Brenda Pratt Shafer told the House Subcommittee on the Constitution about a partial birth abortion she’d witnessed.

Posted April 16, 2007

As every “Law & Order” episode ends with a twist, so has the Duke “rape” case.

Posted April 09, 2007

Thanks to Seattle Public Schools’ race-obsessed, guilt-tripping, finger-pointing bureaucrats, it can’t seem to stay out of the news.

Posted April 03, 2007

Chastity is a misunderstood virtue. It is more than simply refraining from premarital sex. It's an attitude, a way of life, and open rebellion against a debauched culture. Contrary to popular opinion, Christians don't think sex is dirty or evil. Christians believe sex outside marriage is wrong.

Posted December 04, 2006

Because I reject racism as a reason for racial disparities, personal failures, poverty, etc., I’ve been accused of hating black people, hating myself, shilling for the Republican party, siding with white people against blacks, and giving ammunition to white supremacists.

Posted November 20, 2006

Liberals, blacks especially, tend to be easily offended by so-called racially insensitive remarks only when the speaker is a Republican or a conservative (not necessarily the same). Their white liberal comrades get a pass every time.

Posted November 14, 2006

If you thought the turbulent Civil Rights Movement – culminating in the Civil Rights Act of 1964 – ended skin color discrimination, you were mistaken.

Posted November 14, 2006

If you thought the turbulent Civil Rights Movement – culminating in the Civil Rights Act of 1964 – ended skin color discrimination, you were mistaken.

Posted October 23, 2006

I find it offensive that homosexuals equate black Americans’ struggle to be treated as first class citizens to their “struggle”

Posted October 13, 2006

Legal challenges to racially exclusive programs and policies seem to be increasing. And it’s about time.

Posted October 02, 2006

Black leaders must stop painting blacks as powerless victims, says Williams, and use their energy and resources to help poor blacks equip themselves to compete in a global economy, which has little regard for historical (and outdated) racial grievances.

Posted June 23, 2006

I wish I could take credit for this idea, but one of my blog readers noted and documented similarities between the Scottsboro and Duke rape cases. There are huge and obvious differences between the cases, to be sure, but the similarities are instructive.

Posted June 14, 2006

When a black stripper claimed three white Duke University lacrosse players gang-raped her at a party, I knew instinctively it was a lie. The tale reeked of Tawana Brawley-like fabrications. At 15, Brawley claimed that six white men abducted and raped her, smeared her with feces and wrote racial epithets on her body. The media loved it.

Posted January 23, 2006

Black women are three times as likely to have abortions as their white counterparts. Blacks and Hispanics are about 25 percent of the population, yet they account for 57 percent of all abortions.