La Shawn Barber

Requiring businesses bidding for government contracts to subcontract based on race definitely undermines equal rights and equal opportunity. People have no problem seeing the injustice in discriminating against blacks. Why the blinders when it comes to discrimination against non-blacks? Neither the compensatory justice rationale nor skin deep-only diversity obsession justifies continuing a practice that has divided the nation the way race has.

What's wrong with giving everyone the opportunity to bid on projects and selecting contractors based on the lowest bid? Why the quota? Not only is it illegal, it costs taxpayers more money (as if anyone cares about them). PLF Principal Attorney Sharon Browne said lawmakers and the governor "also disregarded principles of sound budgeting, because projects are more expensive when they don't go to the lowest responsible bidder."

The state legislature had to know the quota law would be challenged in court. Why did these elected representatives ignore the will of the people and bring back government-mandated racial discrimination?

La Shawn Barber

Freelance writer La Shawn Barber blogs at the American Civil Rights Institute blog.