Larry Provost

The Jewish Defense League in France also reported that vandals struck dozens of Jewish shops and restaurants. Death threats, such as “death to the Jews,” were spoken over telephone to Jewish businessman in Paris. Jewish kindergartens in the same city also had to be evacuated after bomb threats.

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said “France will never tolerate using violent words or acts to import the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on our soil.” Words are nice but it is time to come to the reality. Islam is a religion plagued by a perverse amount of violence. Muslim “immigration” in modern day France is a history of non-assimilation and violence.

This attack was the latest incident, in an emerging public phase, of something that has been brewing for a long time in Europe. Gays are also targeted for physical violence by Muslims in Europe, as documented in the book While Europe Slept.

Keep an eye on France, where the largest Muslim population in Western Europe resides. If it was not for Islamic immigration France would have population decrease. The Muhammadian population of France shows particular disinterest in assimilation and is intent on turning back their defeat in the City of Tours, in 732 AD, at the hands of Charles Martel; a battle that saved Western Civilization yet is not taught often, if it all, in the days of Common Core.

France’s time of choosing is now. They can acknowledge the threat they have, as well as have more children and return to the faith of their youth, or continue to face destruction of the culture they hold dear. As a reminder, France must remember these incidents and the zeal behind the words of the perpetrators such as the Middle Eastern man who attacked a 17 year old French Jewish girl last week. He pepper sprayed her face and said, “Dirty Jewess, inshallah (God willing) you will die.”

Larry Provost

Larry Provost currently works in Washington, D.C.