Larry Provost

A visit to the Israeli parliament, the Knesset, offfers more insight. Tours are offered in Hebrew, English, and many other languages including Arabic. Interestingly many non Jews, including many Arab Christians and Muslims, have served in the Israeli parliament. A few years ago Ghaleb Majadele became the first Muslim minister in the Israeli government.

For the Islamic nations of the Middle East, a similar balance does not apply to their government. Some Christians are in the Iraqi National Assembly, courtesy of the United States influence in Iraq, but Jews were mostly forced out of Iraq in the 20th Century. The Iraqi example of Christians in their National Assembly is more like a red herring than everyday reality in the life of the rest of the Middle East.

Much of the world looks down upon Israel, a tiny nation surrounded by enemies, when instead they should be looking to it as an example of virtue and restraint. It is also worth noting that despite all this restraint, often called tolerance, other nations not reciprocate on even these basic human levels. The reality is many of those nations will never have enough tolerance and concessions. Their goal is the complete destruction of Israel, a nation they teach their children does not even exist.

Larry Provost

Larry Provost currently works in Washington, D.C.