Larry Provost

Secretary Shinseki is so far refusing to step down and the President is standing by the Veteran’s Affairs Secretary.

The controversy over the Department of Veterans Affairs allegedly maintaining a wait list for patients, that may have caused Veterans to die and was possibly later destroyed, is but the latest in a series of troubles for a Department plagued by a claims backlog and other issues. The subpoena is also the latest in a series of administration issues being investigated by the Congress after Benghazi and IRS scandal. In each case, the administration has stonewalled requests from Congress to clear up the situation.

The move by the House Committee follows another nearly unprecedented action after The American Legion, the nation’s largest Veteran’s organization with over 2.4 million paid members, demanded this week that VA Secretary Eric Shinseki resign. According to The Washington Post, The American Legion has not called for the resignation of a cabinet member in 1941, over 70 years ago.

Larry Provost

Larry Provost currently works in Washington, D.C.