Larry Provost

Liberty University is unique in that it is not strictly a residential institution nor is it an online only University. Liberty educates over 12,000 on campus and commuter students and over 80,000 online students. It is revolutionizing education to truly make it accessible, and affordable, to people that never would have dreamed of having the chance to attend a University. On campus students are able to listen to world class speakers who have experience in ministry, business, the military, politics, marriage, or overcoming adversity. The leftist idea of tenure is not a hallmark of Liberty as the University believes professors who are not educating should not keep their job.

The students of Liberty are taught the principles and benefits of freedom. The stand of the University on issues such as the freedom of unborn children, support for Israel, and other issues are clear. Yet, students are also taught to engage the world and to respectfully disagree with those whom they disagree. (The personal friendship of Rev. Falwell with Ted Kennedy is an example of this). The warm friendship with faculty and staff with students is also unique and is to be emulated.

Government forces so called health care upon institutions, even Christian institutions that have religious and ethical objections to the radical mandates seen in such “care.” The leftists leading the government do this because they cannot obtain the will of the people. Yet Liberty University has been an example of how sticking by principles of freedom and faith are better than government intrusion. People are voting with their feet and they are voting for freedom.

In tough times, leftists turn to the government which inevitably takes away freedom. Liberty University turns to God and the freedom He gives. The results speak for themselves. History shows who the winner is and the winner will always be liberty.

Larry Provost

Larry Provost currently works in Washington, D.C.