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"Murder, greed and treason"? What about the low-side estimate of 300,000 Iraqis killed by Saddam, the gassing of the Kurds, the money offered families of suicide bombers, the invasion of his neighbors, etc.?

And then there's Penn's "friendship" with the late Venezuelan President-for-life Hugo Chavez. "I lost a friend I was blessed to have," Penn said when he heard of Chavez's recent death. But even the much-celebrated decline in Venezuelan poverty looks less impressive when compared to the rest of capitalist Latin American -- where poverty and income inequality fell even faster. Let us remember the uncomfortable fact that Chavez's political enemies were known to suddenly vanish. Chavez also closed newspapers and television and radio stations for making critical comments about him.

Yet has Penn ever been subjected to the kind of grilling about Iraq and Venezuela from mainstream news outlets the way Stephanopoulos grilled Rodman about North Korea?

This brings us to Michael Moore. Concerned about "the misery (Americans) are put through on a daily basis by our profit-based system," the $50-million-net-worth filmmaker traveled to Havana for a documentary to illustrate the "superiority" of Cuba's health care system. Moore gushed, "Cuba is one of the most generous countries in providing doctors to the Third World."

Was Moore, in his many appearances on CNN, grilled about the killings and imprisonments done at the behest of Fidel Castro and henchman Che Guevara? After all, the number of victims executed or held prisoner under this duo, per capita, puts these murderous thugs on par with Hitler and Stalin. But Moore's stature is such that at one of the Democratic national conventions, Moore sat next to former President Jimmy Carter.

One more thing about Rodman. As I write in my new book, "Dear Father, Dear Son," dads matter. And Rodman had to overcome a lot.

Born in New Jersey, Rodman was raised by a single mother. Rodman's father abandoned the family when Dennis was five. Short, a poor student and mediocre basketball player who couldn't even pull off a decent layup, Dennis found work as a janitor. He then had a sudden growth spurt and decided to give basketball another shot. Poor grades relegated him to an off-the-radar junior college, where he excelled. Newly drafted by the NBA's Detroit Pistons, Rodman was asked by a reporter who he was. His answer: "I'm nobody, straight out of nowhere."

Stephanopoulos unfairly grilled Rodman as if he were a misbehaving diplomat trying to explain away Benghazi. But Penn and Moore get the soft kisses that the media reserve for useful left-wing idiots.

Larry Elder

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