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But according to a New York Times reporter, Ari Goldman, the Times insisted on reporting a false narrative: (SET ITAL) that during the riots Jews were as likely to be the aggressor as were blacks. (END ITAL) Frustrated over the misleading reporting, Goldman said he called his Times editor to complain, "'You don't know what's happening here!' I yelled. 'I am on the streets getting attacked. Someone next to me just got hit. I am writing memos, and what comes out in the paper? 'Hasidim and blacks clashed'? That's not what is happening here. Jews are being attacked! You've got this story all wrong. All wrong.'"

The New York Times simply did not want to hear about the one-sided nature of the riots. Nor is accurately covering the extent of black-on-black crime apparently news that's fit to print.

Following Trayvon Martin's death, the Rev. Jesse Jackson said, "Blacks are under attack" -- presumably by the George Zimmermans of the country. And Rep. Bobby Rush, D-Ill., a black lawmaker and former member of the Black Panthers, stood up on the floor of the House. Against House rules, he donned a hoodie, presumably to demonstrate the unfairness of profiling a black man based on his clothing.

Rush later described himself as "an African-American father whose son has been killed on the streets." Rush implied that his son, like Trayvon Martin, was an innocent black victim of random street violence.

The details remain murky about the death of Rush's son. But Rush's son, Huey, was allegedly working as a drug-runner. Evidence suggests that Huey was targeted. One of the murder suspects said Huey had been paid $100,000 to procure drugs that he failed to deliver. And tragically, in 2002 another member of Rush's family, Dennis Rush, was convicted of first-degree murder and attempted armed robbery during a narcotics transaction. The crime had nothing to do with randomness or profiling.

For many in the media, the Trayvon Martin case is a referendum on "race relations" in America. But the case is really a referendum on the media. The media are intensely interested in covering white-on-black violence, even when rushing to do so -- as in the Duke lacrosse "rape" case -- compromises the truth. But the media are far less interested in reporting about the No. 1 cause of death of young black men age 15 to 24: homicide by other black men.

Larry Elder

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