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The Miami Herald, last October, ran a story about what Univision tried to do to Rubio. Univision denied it. But later Univision's news chief, Isaac Lee, told The New Yorker: "(Lee) offered three Univision options: report a stand-alone news story on Orlando Cicilia; have Sen. Rubio cooperate on a network profile; or have him be interviewed on Jorge Ramos' 'Al Punto.' Whatever the venue, Lee says, the issue of Orlando Cicilia would have been raised." So that makes it OK?

After the New Yorker admission, the now-vindicated Miami Herald pointed out: "That means a stand-alone drug-bust story might not run depending on how Rubio played his cards. That is, if Rubio appeared on 'Al Punto' and answered a question or two about Cicilia as part of a broader interview, then a stand-alone drug bust story might not run. And just because an issue is 'raised' in an interview doesn't always mean it will be fully broadcast."

Univision's CEO Haim Saban, in an email, called Rubio "anti-Hispanic." Lee, the Univision news chief, says his network is "pro-Hispanic" on immigration. This makes Rubio, the son of Cuban exiles, a menace who must be crushed.

Why aren't the Hispanic advocacy groups up in arms? Rubio symbolizes the wrong kind of Hispanic -- an anti-amnesty, pro-legal immigration Republican conservative who refuses to play the role of oppressed victicrat.

Remember Kathleen Willey, the former Bill Clinton supporter and White House volunteer? Willey, who claimed Clinton groped her in the Oval Office, says she telephoned feminist lawyer Gloria Allred twice for assistance. Allred, says Willey, never called back. Paula Jones, who claimed then-Arkansas Gov. Clinton groped her, says the National Organization for Woman would not get involved in her case because "she picked her forum and she picked her friends."

Rubio, a fiscal hawk, recently wrote President Obama: "The first three years of your presidency have been a profile in leadership failure. ... America deserves leaders who will stand front and center, level with the American people about our challenges and offer real solutions to solve them. Instead of simply asking for another debt ceiling increase, I urge you to come forward with a real plan to tackle our debt in 2012."

This explains why La Raza, the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund and other supposedly pro-Hispanic groups have been AWOL on what Univision attempted to do. To these left-wingers, Rubio is a Tio Taco -- the equivalent of an Uncle Tom.

Larry Elder

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