Larry Elder

Sociologist Charles Murray, in one of the most important books on public policy in the last 50 years, "Losing Ground," explained how welfare dependency increased the number of black out-of-wedlock births. The Welfare Reform Act of 1996 resulted in a dramatic decline in the welfare rolls, without a corresponding increase in abortion. Welfare recipients, a large percentage of whom are minorities, found jobs and became self-sufficient.

The White Man discovered an inexperienced, left-wing, collectivist, spread-the-wealth, tax-the-rich black senator from Illinois who had not read Murray's book or, if he had, did not believe it. In fact, then-Illinois State Senator Obama spoke out against the Welfare Reform Act.

Determined not to repeat the Reagan mistake, The White Man hatched a plan.

Obama would be The One.

The White Man engineered his election, then programmed the charismatic Obama to enact policies guaranteed to have the opposite effect of Reagan's policies:

The White Man made Obama sign costly "health care reform," which causes employers to drop coverage, premiums to increase and health care quality to decline.

The White Man made Obama raise the minimum wage. This increases unemployment for those with the lowest skills, a disproportionate percentage of whom are black.

The White Man made Obama sign laws to rein in "Wall Street greed," but left untouched the real reasons behind the housing meltdown: Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, the FHA and the Community Reinvestment Act, all of which induced the otherwise non-creditworthy -- a disproportionate percentage of whom are racial minorities -- to take on mortgages they could not afford.

The White Man made Obama oppose choice in education, including the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship program that, by lottery, gave vouchers to inner-city Washington, D.C., children and saw high school graduation rates increase from 70 percent for applicants not offered a scholarship to 82 percent for the scholarship recipients.

The White Man made Obama support a nearly trillion-dollar "stimulus" package -- largely giving money to state workers and other supporters of the Democratic Party. It neither "saved or created" 3.5 million jobs nor prevented unemployment from reaching 8 percent. Unemployment actually rose to 10.2 percent, and now stands at 9.1 percent.

The results have exceeded The White Man's expectations. Black teen unemployment is nearly 41 percent. The unemployment rate for black adult males is 17.5 percent. Yes, Obama's war for Big Oil and his anti-black economic polices mean lots of whites get trampled in the process. Collateral damage. Friendly fire. Addition by subtraction.

The White Man, as Farrakhan duly notes, is back.

Larry Elder

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