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When then-Gov. and GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin attended a hockey game in Philadelphia, The New York Times posted a story from a hockey blogger, who wrote, "Palin ... was greeted by resounding (almost deafening) boos from the Flyers crowd." Really? The Associated Press wrote: "The Alaska governor and self-described 'hockey mom' heard a few boos when she walked onto the ice, but that soon turned to polite applause. ... Palin waved to the crowd and smiled as she dropped the puck to applause and cheers." (Maybe Palin attended two different games.) At least the Times quickly pulled down and replaced its post with a more accurate version.

Norman Chad, a syndicated sports columnist, bemoaned the dearth of black sports editors and staff. He asserted, "We're whiter than Newt Gingrich's Fourth of July barbecue."

Maxim magazine asked NBA basketball superstar LeBron James, "If there was one guy on the planet you could dunk on, who would it be?" James responded: "If it doesn't have to be a basketball player, George W. Bush. I would dunk on his ass, break the rim, and shatter the glass." Bush's sport was baseball. Wouldn't former prep-school baller President Barack Obama present a bigger challenge?

Popular television sports analyst and former NBA star Charles Barkley said, "I was a Republican until they lost their minds." He also offered that only two presidents in his lifetime -- Clinton and Carter -- had ever done anything for black people.

Nation magazine's sports editor, Dave Zirin, condemned Limbaugh's interest in purchasing an NFL team as "having somebody in an NFL owner's box who (players) know views them with naked and open contempt because of the color of their skin."

John Salley, former NBA player and co-host of Fox Sports' "Best Damn Sports Show Period," said in an appearance on a podcast: "I have a question: Do you hate Obama? Why are so many people -- who now hate him -- after just 266 days they loved him? (sic) All of white America. Not all of 'em but the majority." So, opposition to policies equals "hate."

New York Times sports columnist Selena Roberts, when it became increasingly clear that Duke lacrosse players were innocent of rape, channeled her inner Dan my-facts-are-wrong-but-my-point's-valid Rather: "What happens if all the charges are dismissed? There is ... the irrefutable culture of misogyny, racial animus and athlete entitlement that went unrestrained that night." Hey, they were falsely accused, but, well, let's examine the big picture.

Now then -- if it's not too much to ask -- how did the Yanks do last night?

Larry Elder

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