Larry Elder

I recently flew to New York to promote the book. I met a lady who described herself as a) an actress, b) performing in Santa Monica, a hyper-liberal town next to Los Angeles, and c) Jewish. Probably not a Reagan Republican, I thought.

Actress: Why are you going to New York?

Me: To promote my new book.

Actress: What's it called?

Me: Well … let me first tell you about the book, and then I'll tell you its title.

Actress: Fine.

Me: White racism no longer poses a major problem in America.

Actress: Really?

Me: You mean, really -- that's what the book is about? Or really -- that I actually believe that?

Actress: Both.

Me: "Black America," if a separate country, would rank No. 16 of the top countries in the world, as to GDP; and the black middle class continues to thrive, an advancement that preceded affirmative action. But Hillary Clinton, before a black audience, accused the then-Republican Congress of being run like a "plantation."

Actress: I see.

Me: Why do Democrats say things like this? Because without that monolithic black vote -- 90 to 95 percent at the presidential level -- the Democratic Party cannot win. Democrats have not carried the "white vote" since the '60s.

Suppose 70 percent of Jewish children were born outside of wedlock; that the prison population were 50 percent Jewish men; that Jewish urban high schools had a 50 percent drop-out rate; and that 25 percent of Jewish young men -- late teens or early 20s -- had criminal records, meaning in jail, on parole or on probation. And suppose that the so-called "Jewish leaders" blamed this on anti-Semitism. How would you feel?

Actress: I would resent it.

Me: Now, let me tell you the title. It's called "Stupid Black Men: How to Play the Race Card -- and Lose."

Actress: Fantastic title.

Larry Elder

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