Larry Elder

The Mexican Senate greeted Arellano like a conquering hero. They immediately passed a measure demanding that the president of Mexico send a diplomatic note to President George W. Bush, protesting the deportation. Also, they promised to provide a scholarship for Arellano's son. (To be used where?)

Compared with nearly all European nations, America stands virtually alone in allowing children born on her soil by those who enter the country illegally to become citizens. Her son's status entitles him to all manner of state and federal programs, including taxpayer-provided K-12 education, and health and welfare benefits.

Despite the legal right to enter the Chicago church that provided "sanctuary" for Arellano for a year, authorities refused to enter. Immigration arrested her only after she left the church and after publicly announcing her intention to go to Washington and campaign for "immigrant rights." In Mexico, the law considers illegal entry a "crime punishable by up to 2 years in jail." Mexico forbids any illegal alien from participating in any sort of public demonstration. Years of corruption and bad economic policies have made poor a country rich in natural resources. Yet Arellano says nothing about Mexico, while blaming America for her "plight."

Some of us supported President Bush's approach for "comprehensive immigration reform" -- legalizing the status of most of those here illegally; a temporary worker program to take pressure off the border and especially to provide workers for industries like agriculture; a pathway to citizenship, providing applicants meet certain criteria; and an end to chain migration (the practice of allowing citizens to sponsor relatives for admittance, beyond spouses and minor children). It also makes sense to withhold federal funds from local law enforcement if they refuse to notify Immigration of the status of arrested illegal aliens. For those who enter the country illegally, the 14th Amendment should be amended to prevent so-called "anchor babies." We can then direct the finite resources of government to locating and expelling dangerous aliens. This makes political and practical sense.

Chest-thumping aliens like Arellano simply undermine their own cause.

Larry Elder

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