Larry Elder

"Ri-i-i-ing . . . Ri-i-i-ing . . . "

Operator: Dick Morris and Associates, political consultants. How may I help you?

Sen. Barack Obama: This is Senator Barack Obama. Is Dick in?

Operator: Just one moment, Senator.

Morris: Barack! How's it going? Nice to hear from you.

Obama: Dick, I think I have a bit of a problem, and I knew you'd be the guy to call.

Morris: I'm all ears.

Obama: Look, before your relationship with Bill Clinton soured, you got him elected president, and then re-elected, by getting him over 90 percent of the black vote.

Morris: Well, I don't like to brag, but --

Obama: But according to the latest polls, I'm having a bit of trouble with the black vote. Fifty-two percent say they want Hillary, and only 28 percent say they want me. I'm obviously slicing into her, so I know I've got her nervous, but it's not nearly enough.

Morris: Yeah, 28 percent won't get it done.

Obama: Tell me about it! I'm pro-affirmative action, pro-gun control, pro-universal health care and opposed tax cuts for the rich. And I was anti-war before it was cool. I'm a family guy with two daughters. I don't want to cast any stones, but unlike Jesse Jackson, I didn't get some mistress pregnant. And unlike Sharpton, I didn't falsely accuse an innocent guy of rape. I just don't get it.

Morris: Well, let me check my computer. Let's see . . . Reverend Al Sharpton runs for U.S. Senate in New York in 1994, and he gets 70 percent of the black vote. He runs for mayor of New York in 1997 and gets 85 percent of the black vote. Pretty impressive.

Obama: Did you have anything to do with that?

Morris: Well, I don't like to brag, but --

Obama: And Jesse Jackson did even better.

Morris: Let me check. . . . Oh, yeah, here it is. Jackson runs for president in '84, and he gets 77 percent of the black vote. He runs again in '88 and gets 92 percent.

Obama: So what should I do?

Morris: Well, you see, Obama, it's all about street cred.

Obama: Street cred?

Morris: Remember when people attacked President Bush's attitude about New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina?

Obama: Yeah.

Morris: People said it showed Bush's feelings toward black people.

Obama: Yeah.

Morris: Well, you attributed the government response to class, not race. Obama: Hey, even Spike Lee called it a matter of class, not race.

Morris: Details, Barack. Are you interested in winning this track meet or just running a few laps?

Obama: Okay, okay, so what do I do?

Morris: Well, you could go on one of those late-night shows like Bill did, and whip out your saxophone.

Obama: I don't play the sax.

Morris: Okay. You could pull a Belafonte.

Obama: A Belafonte?

Larry Elder

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