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Oprah Winfrey recently spoke about a pre-Iraq invasion show, in which her guests questioned the war's wisdom and validity.

After that show, she said she received a bunch of hate mail. One letter writer called her the "n" word and suggested she go back to Africa. Those in the studio collectively gasped, the camera cutting away to a woman in the audience whose face showed astonishment and revulsion. The beloved, respected and widely admired Oprah? Getting that kind of mail?

As an American who happens to be black; who believes in limited government; supports the war in Iraq and considers it a battle in the broader war against Islamofascism; opposes race-based preferences; and believes the Nanny State absolves the responsibility of charity, community, family and individuals -- I receive a decent amount of "fan" mail.

Some gems from my mailbag over just the last couple of months:

"Not since the Nazi [sic] has any propaganda been so successful at leading a population to certain doom. The war in Iraq, affirmative action, Israeli occupation and the so-called axis of evil, are but a few of you [sic] mission of disinformation. You recognized a long time ago that if you could speak for racist white America you would rise like a star above what your [sic] could ever be by telling the truth. . . . Your power is satanic and you [sic] arguments are based on mixing lies with the truth. Only someone skilled at confounding Devils can confront you on your program. In honest fair debate your arguments would dry up and die." -- Anthony

"You are so full of sh-t your eyes are brown. Your Bush propaganda continues to hurt this country. You've been serving the Republican kool-aid for years now and the people are getting sick of it." -- KJ

"The sooner you stop defending the Jewish cabal of warmongering filth the better your soul will be." -- Dave

"Just what is your price? Stop being used as a smiling, shuffling, handpicked idiot of the establisment [sic] that refuses to acknowledge you as a man. There is a difference between being tolerated and embraced. How long must you continue to kneel and embarrass us!" -- Anonymous

"You are just a 21st century 'house nigga' who is 'gettin' over.' And for that, you are to be commended. But, don't be delusional! And by the way, [referring to former Clinton press secretary and current ABC News correspondent George Stephanopoulos as] George Clintonopoulos? Do you really think that is clever? Should you be referred to as Larry 'Bush's B-tch' Elder?" -- Anonymous

Larry Elder

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