Larry Elder

"War is not the answer."

So said the bumper sticker on the car I parked behind. Early for my haircut, I decided to sit a bit and ponder the gravity of that message. "War is not the answer" -- to what? To non-war? To, say, the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor? To Germany's invasion of Poland in 1939? To the simultaneous multi-Arab nation attack on the newly United-Nations-chartered State of Israel in 1948?

The bumper-sticker driver, undoubtedly, knows of a "peaceful" or "diplomatic" response to all of history's wars. Since he or she completely rejects the notion of a "just war," I decided to wait a bit in hopes that the driver might return to enlighten me.

What to do, for example, with the president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who directly threatens the United States? He said, "God willing, with the force of God behind it, we shall soon experience a world without the United States and Zionism." Only recently, he elaborated. In talks in Qatar with Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, Ahmadinejad said, "[T]he Zionist regime was created to establish dominion of arrogant states over the region and to enable the enemy to penetrate the heart Muslim land." Haniyeh said Israel was "on the verge of disappearing." "There is no doubt the Palestinian nation and Muslims as a whole will emerge victorious," the Iranian president told Haniyeh.

Since "war is not the answer," how would Mr./Ms. Bumper Sticker respond? Ignore it? Apparently, Ahmadinejad does not mean it. Take action first? Of course not, since, if "war is not the answer," then presumably "preemptive war" is not either.

What about our military's recent report of "smoking gun" evidence of Iran's direct shipment of munitions to "insurgents" in Iraq? After free elections in Iraq where nearly 80 percent of eligible Iraqis voted, after the establishment of a constitution, after the establishment of a multi-ethnic government, the Holocaust-denying country of Iran sends money, munitions and intel to destroy Iraq's fledgling government. Advice, please.

Israel, the country Iran seeks to "wipe out from the map of the world," pulled completely out of the Gaza Strip. In return, the Palestinians sent rockets into Israel and kidnapped a soldier. Meanwhile, in southern Lebanon, under the noses of the United Nations "peacekeepers," terror group Hezbollah, financed by Iran, built a stockpile of thousands of rockets, a substantial portion of which ended up cascading down on Israeli towns and villages during the Hezbollah/Lebanon/Syria/Iran war against Israel. What, then, is "the answer"?

Larry Elder

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