Larry Elder

Underneath the headline, the newspaper placed pictures of Justices Stevens, Kennedy, Souter, Ginsburg and Breyer in a box, with the title, "The Majority." Next to it, the paper placed pictures of Scalia, Thomas and Alito, under the banner, "Dissent." Next to that, in a box by himself, the newspaper printed Chief Justice Roberts' picture, with the heading, "No Vote." Under "No Vote," the paper simply said that Roberts ruled on the case as an appeals court justice. It did not tell the reader that Roberts ruled on the case in Bush's favor. The reporter called the decision a "sweeping and categorical defeat for the administration . . . "

The very same reporter, back in December 2000, writing for the same newspaper, covering the same topic -- the Supreme Court -- wrote about Bush v. Gore, and its 5-4 ruling. (By the way, the main scream media continually calls Bush v. Gore a "5-4" decision. On the equal protection question -- whether different counties can count ballots different ways -- seven justices, not five, sided with Bush. Two justices, however, felt the Florida election authorities should have additional time to correct this.) This case, of course, placed George W. Bush in office, a ruling that continues to infuriate liberals. How did this newspaper cover this case? Well, its headline said it all: "By

Single Vote , Justices End Recount, Blocking Gore After 5-Week Struggle." [emphasis added.] So the 5-3 (actually 5-4) military tribunal case represented a "sweeping and categorical defeat" for Bush. But the 5-4 Bush v. Gore decision turned on a "single vote"?

In the Bush v. Gore case, the reporter discussed the dissents as early as the fourth paragraph. In the current military tribunal case, however, the same reporter did not mention any dissent until the 19th paragraph.

Get it? The Supreme Court, in the military tribunal case, hammered, castigated, chastised, gave the ol' forefinger to the president. But in the Bush v. Gore case, why, the president eked out a victory by a "single vote."

This might explain the main scream media's general unpopularity. True, polls show Bush's approval rating numbers stand at 40 percent. But when pollsters ask people whether the media reports all sides of the story, only 29 percent say yes. Even 47 percent of Democrats, according to a poll taken a few years ago, say "most journalists are more liberal than they are."

Pass the Advil.

Larry Elder

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