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What about CNN's Kyra Phillips, who covered the Coretta Scott King "funeral." Listening to speaker after speaker after speaker BMW (-----, moan and whine), Phillips apparently inhaled the fumes of the victicrat psyche, and said, "[I]t's true, we do have a long way to go . . . with regard to dealing with the nation's poor and dealing with economic issues . . . " By "we," do you think she means individuals, or, by "we," does she mean further government programs? In other words, the cold-hearted, insensitive, uncaring Bush administration needs to expand government social programs to "solve" poverty.

What about NBC? Why not sit down with the folks from the "Today" show? Maybe the White House resented the "Today" show co-anchor referring to now-justice Sam Alito as an "ultra-conservative."

CBS' Bob Schieffer, who anchors both Sunday's "Face the Nation" as well the nightly "CBS Evening News," recently pronounced Bush's second term "a nightmare." And Schieffer, on a recent edition of "Face the Nation," repeatedly referred to the former head of FEMA, Michael Brown, as "Old Brownie" or "Brownie": "There was Old Brownie, the former FEMA chief who became the face of government ineptitude. . . . They blistered Old Brownie when the levees broke. . . . But now Old Brownie is blaming higher-ups. . . . I was beginning to think one of the Democrats might hug Old Brownie last Friday. . . . Old Brownie may or may not be, well, limited. . . . FEMA, the disaster relief agency that Brownie ran, should be removed from Homeland Security. . . . I'll have a final word on Old Brownie and the problems with managing disaster on 'Face the Nation.'"

What about Time magazine? A Time online writer recently mused, if Whittington dies, could Cheney not be prosecuted for "negligent homicide"?!?!?

For a window into the mindset of the mainstream media, consider the "press conference" endured by press secretary Scott McClellan. The questions included, "Is it proper for the vice president to offer his resignation or has he offered his resignation?" and "Would this be much more serious if the man had died?"

What about the Los Angeles Times editorial that said George W. Bush became president only as a result of an "accident of birth and corruption of democracy"? New York Times' John Tierney, at the Democratic National Convention in 2004, estimated that D.C. reporters covering the convention preferred Kerry over Bush by a 12-to-1 margin. According to a '96 study by the Roper Center for the Freedom Forum, 89 percent of Washington, D.C., journalists voted for Bill Clinton in 1992, while 7 percent of D.C. journalists voted for George Bush.

So, when you get down to it, that pretty much leaves . . . Fox.

Larry Elder

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