Larry Elder

 Linda: They're fat. They're unhealthy, they have diabetes, they have high blood pressure, and they're at the fast-food place -- and their children watch them, and then the children go there, too. It's a disgrace! Cook, cook, cook.

 Larry: What do you do when they cook junk . . . when they cook fried foods?

 Linda: No, no. They have to cook healthy food.

 Larry: How are you going to ensure that? This tax makes the price go up, and more people are cooking at home. How do you guarantee they won't cook the same crap they went out to buy before?

 Linda: If we have enough talk about healthy food, someday people will realize they have to cook healthy foods.

 Larry: Why don't you contribute to a fund for television Public Service Announcements, advising people what they should do? Why are you going to legislators to tax other people's behavior that you don't like? Unbelievable.

 Linda: Why are the Oriental people and European people much healthier than the American people? The American people are obese! . . . I'm horrified by how many obese people there are.

 Larry: What about Asians who are here? . . . Are they overweight?

 Linda: Not as much as American people.

 Larry: Well, how do you suppose they manage not to walk into a restaurant and get fat? And whatever they're doing, why can't everybody else do it, too?

 Linda: That food is bad. Your mother can tell you that.

 Larry: Should we tax people who order fried chicken at restaurants?

 Linda: Why, that's bad, too! Yes, yes, all that bad food should be stopped. . . .

 Larry: So tax hikes for health are OK.

 Linda: Something has to be done. It's a start.

 Larry: Why are you concerned about how fat people are?

 Linda: People end up in the hospital, and we're paying for their health problems. Not only that, but even to look at them! They're disgusting to look at! Every time I come back from the store or walk around, I come back furious, seeing how fat they are!

 Larry: I bet if you see a fat person smoking a cigarette, you're ready to have a heart attack, aren't you?

 Linda: No, cigarettes don't bother me. I'm not a smoker, but it doesn't bother me as much as looking at an obese person. I mean, don't they have mirrors? Don't they look in the mirror and go, "Oh my God, I have to do something about this weight"?

 Look on the bright side. Linda isn't in Congress . . . yet.

Larry Elder

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