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 Democratic pundits still scratch their heads as they try and figure out what the recent presidential election tells them. They believe that voters rejected the messenger, rather than the message. But how many different ways can they come up with to tax, spend, regulate and redistribute the wealth? Democrats think your money belongs to the government. If you have a lot, goes the Democratic ideology, you married it, inherited it, cheated for it, found it or lucked into it.

 Rep. Dick Gephardt, D-Mo., once said, "Those who have prospered and profited from life's lottery have a moral obligation to share their good fortune." Life's lottery?

 In Gephardt's case, someone might tell his family about how they benefited from "life's lottery." According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Richard Andrew Gephardt has come a long way from the lower-middle-class St. Louis neighborhood where he grew up. He has parlayed hard work, a keen sense of what will sell and a self-effacing manner into the fourth-highest elected post in the U.S. House of Representatives. ... A devotee of the Rev. Norman Vincent Peale, (his mother) brought home a copy of 'The Power of Positive Thinking' one day when Gephardt was 8 and had him read it. Self-improvement was her cause, and cheerfulness her article of faith. 'She kept those kids busy. If it wasn't the dishes, it was homework. If it wasn't homework, it was music lessons. Or Scouting or working in the garden,' recalls?a cousin.

 Looks like young Gephardt applied himself and became somebody. Hard work wins. Wow.

 Longtime ABC newsman and commentator Sam Donaldson is, like Gephardt, a liberal, although the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette says, "Donaldson labels himself a moderate, ?with some liberal tendencies.'"

 According to Investors Business Daily,

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