Larry Elder

Tom Brokaw said it. So it must be true.

"There were three big reasons for the United States to go to war against Iraq," said Brokaw. "Weapons of mass destruction, the connection to terrorists and that we were going to establish a kind of higher moral ground there. Well, weapons of mass destruction have not been found, the direct connection to al Qaeda and terrorist organizations has not been demonstrated, clearly, in the mind of a lot of people and then the moral ground gives way when you have the kind of humiliation and abuse that we saw in those photographs."

Given these "facts," the relentlessly negative Iraq war news coverage and the impatience of the 24/7 news-cycle-results-now electorate, many Americans feel comfortable taking whacks at President Bush in private, social settings. Last week I asked readers to submit examples of hostile, anti-Bush tirades delivered in private or social settings. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

"This happened at our New Year's party. . . . Just after midnight, we were toasting to the New Year -- good friends, all that happy caca -- then out of the blue one friend makes a toast 'To the defeat of George W. Bush.' It made my sister and I really uncomfortable. We didn't toast and didn't really want to start a bunch of arguing. It was a New Year's party, for crying out loud . . . not sure why that even got brought up." -- Greg

"I work with a bunch of Bush-haters. One co-worker, a Puerto Rican, said to a black co-worker that the Bush administration wants to bring back the Jim Crow laws. That will make life bad for blacks and even worse for Hispanics. Where do these people get these notions? I am actively looking for another job." -- Diana

Larry Elder

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