Larry Dever

To help provide Arizona sheriffs a sufficient legal defense to take on the Obama Administration and the ACLU, no doubt financed in part by Hollywood liberals, opposing a secure border and enforcement of SB 1070, was formed, headed by co-chairs Sheriff Paul Babeu of Pinal County and the author of this piece, Sheriff Larry Dever of Cochise County.  The organization is committed to the idea that, contrary to what Hollywood elites think, SB 1070 is absolutely necessary for Arizona to protect its interest.  Without it state law enforcement would be inhibited from enforcing federal immigration laws and cracking down on illegal immigrants like our friend the private investigator.

So, why the fuss about a detective series featuring an illegal immigrant?  Well maybe it’s time for Americans concerned with their national security to stand up and say we don’t appreciate it when our concerns are scorned or dismissed.  We don’t appreciate Hollywood disregarding the violence and the crime associated with illegal immigration.

I've lost four friends, three law enforcement officers and a rancher in the midst of this illegal border mess.  Anyone who wishes to trivialize their lives or dedication to duty is not my friend.  I'm not going to yield one piece of turf, topographical or political, to anyone.  If some producer wants to trivialize this mess, shame on them.

The liberal and well-heeled producers and writers who provide us with entertainment ought to leave their gated Beverly Hills mansions and spend a few days on the border in Arizona with myself of Sheriff Babeu.  They’d get an education and maybe we’d get a more realistic portrayal of the illegal immigration crisis.

Larry Dever

Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever is honorary chairman of which was formed to present a legal defense of the current lawsuits against SB 1070.