Kyle Olson

Posted January 23, 2013

The radical teachers group Rethinking Schools published an article in its Winter 2012-2013 magazine titled, “Books About Contemporary Palestine for Children,” reported.

Posted January 21, 2013

A Wisconsin school board candidate appeared to display poor judgment when he posted a picture of himself on Facebook in 2011 brandishing a knife in a Kenosha high school classroom and pointing it towards a girl’s throat, reported.

Posted January 20, 2013

Many school districts allow employees to accrue unused sick days without limit and cash them out upon retirement.

Posted January 19, 2013

A telephone poll recently conducted on behalf of finds Wisconsin residents think more highly of Gov. Scott Walker’s job performance and the National Rifle Association than they do the state’s largest teachers’ union.

Posted January 18, 2013

Among his 23 gun control executive orders, President Obama authorized the spending of $150 million to hire “up to 1,000” armed resource officers and school counselors.

Posted January 14, 2013

Instead of appropriately dealing with gang-related violence, an independent Chicago school closure commission is recommending no school closures because such a move could force students to cross gang lines.

Posted January 13, 2013

Government schools are an expensive endeavor, especially when union labor and no-bid contracts are involved.

Posted January 12, 2013

At least the teachers of Occupy Oakland are finally being honest about their political agenda.

Posted January 11, 2013

Teach for America has been a breath of fresh air for public schools around the nation.

Posted January 08, 2013

The Chicago Teachers Union is not just about looking out for its members’ interests. The union wants to fundamentally change America, too.

Posted December 30, 2012

When American Federation of Teachers President Rhonda “Randi” Weingarten proposed a “bar exam” of sorts for teacher prospects, it was hailed as a step forward in improving teacher quality, reported.

Posted December 29, 2012

It was hardly surprising that the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers immediately called for stricter gun control laws in the wake of the Newtown, Connecticut school shootings.

Posted December 28, 2012

It pays to work for the government. Just ask the teachers in the Westerly, Rhode Island school district. The school committee just agreed to a new union collective bargaining agreement that doubles teachers’ pay in nine years.

Posted December 27, 2012

There have been all sorts of responses to the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary last Friday.

Posted December 21, 2012

Parents in the Missoula County, Montana school district have taken bullying accusations to a whole new level. They’re claiming Christmas songs that refer to “our Lord” are “unfair, unconstitutional and [are] a form of bullying,” according to the Billings Gazette.

Posted December 20, 2012

The Chicago Teachers Union and Action Now (formerly known as ACORN) staged yet another protest Tuesday, this time targeting so-called Chicago “fat cats.”

Posted December 19, 2012

Some opinions only get attention because they come from people with advanced degrees who make their living on the taxpayer dime. That’s certainly the case for Hugo Schwyzer, a history and gender studies professor at Pasadena City College.

Posted December 18, 2012

Government transparency is a critical tool in the public’s accountability arsenal, so long as the public can afford it.

Posted December 14, 2012

On the heels of the controversial California Federation of Teachers “Tax the Rich” video, the Chicago Teachers Union has produced its own class warfare-stoking cartoon, “Stand Up to the Fat Cats.”

Posted December 13, 2012

Terrorist turned teacher Bill Ayers appeared at a recent Big Apple gathering of “Change the Stakes,” an anti-testing group comprised mostly of teachers and parents.