Kyle Olson

It is disturbing that America's top educator (theoretically) would openly endorse utilizing children for political protests and having schools use valuable time teaching such tactics. It sends a signal to every school in America that it is appropriate and it will not be scrutinized by federal educational leaders.

Our students ought not be treated like pawns by union and school leaders. Our schools ought to be places of learning, not hothouses for growing politically-charged student activists. It must be added that when students protest in support of more money for government schools, it’s the school employee unions that ultimately stand to gain the most financially. More spending leads to more school employees, who are then forced to pay union dues. Is that a coincidence?

Not to mention, programs such as "Social Justice Week" may do something to assuage the white guilt some teachers and administrators may feel, but it does little to actually help students become productive adults who are prepared to compete in the world economy. will continue to conduct these types of investigations to show taxpayers what is going on in our government schools, and to raise questions about what school officials are really trying to achieve: education or indoctrination?

Kyle Olson

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