Kyle Olson
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The Connecticut Senate is considering a bill which would require all government school students to learn “labor history” as a part of the curriculum. The bill would add language to existing law which stipulates the types of subjects schools shall teach.

Currently, the law requires students to learn information about these histories:

• the historical events surrounding the Great Famine in Ireland;

• African-American history;

• Puerto Rican history;

• Native American history

Strangely, “American” history is missing from the list. But if the Connecticut Democrats get their way, students will be learning more about the virtues of Jimmy Hoffa than of George Washington; of Andy Stern than of Abraham Lincoln.

The bill would insert the requirement in two parts of existing law. The other lists several subjects which students shall learn, including:

• the arts

• career education

• consumer education

• health and safety, including, but not limited to,

o human growth and development

o nutrition

o first aid

o disease prevention

o community and consumer health

o physical, mental and emotional health, including:

~ youth suicide prevention

~ substance abuse prevention

~ safety, which may include

• the dangers of gang membership, and

• accident prevention

• language arts, including reading, writing, grammar, speaking and spelling

• mathematics

• physical education

• science

• social studies, including, but not limited to, citizenship, economics, geography, government and history

Lawmakers clearly haven’t updated the law to require students learn about “technology” but they want students to learn about the virtues of Big Labor. How comforting. It shows where their priorities lie.

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Kyle Olson

Kyle is Founder and CEO of Education Action Group Foundation, a non-partisan non-profit organization with the goal of promoting sensible education reform and exposing those with a vested interest in maintaining the status quo.