Kyle Olson

Prior to that, Roth was a leader of the Columbia University chapter of Students for a Democratic Society. According to U.S. intelligence information made public in an unrelated court case, Roth was a leader of the SDS-led student riots at the college in 1968.

He’s a perfect example of an activist dropping the radical pose to achieve radical goals in our classrooms. And nobody seems particularly concerned about that.

Wake up, America. These people might have grayed a bit and put on ties, but they are the same old revolutionaries who oppose virtually everything that made our nation great. They are preaching their rhetoric to naïve students who believe everything they hear, just because the teacher says it’s so.

And the worst part is that Roth and friends are being paid to subvert American values with the tax dollars of hard working Americans.

Those same hard-working Americans are the only people who have the power to successfully demand that former domestic terrorists be banned from public school classrooms.

Kyle Olson

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