Kyle Olson

“Last week, members of the Delsea [NJ] Education Association spent part of their Valentine’s Day picketing outside the home of school board president Mario Christina for a larger pay increase.

“Christina wasn’t home at the time, but his daughter was. Several of the picketers were also the girl’s teachers, according to”

Another board member was quoted as saying, “If we are talking about a percentage point or two on a contract that would drive someone in the union leadership to think it’s OK to go to someone’s home, I would have to question that someone like that is teaching our kids. I would have concerns about other decisions these teachers would make.”

And who can forget the crème dela crème? Last October, Karen Lewis, president of the Chicago Teachers Union, launched into a personal attack on Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, mocking his lisp.

Yes, these are the very same people that have the gall to lecture America about bullying. The reality is they are the ones to use bullying and intimidation to get their way at the bargaining table. They are the ones who dismiss any difference of opinion – be it personal, political, religious or otherwise – as bullying by the opposing view.

Bullying will become the new racism in that it will be the hand grenade tossed into the crowd that makes debate and civil disagreement more difficult to embrace. It will be another mechanism by which to force the surrender of anyone disagreeing with their agenda, for fear of being labeled a “bully.”

Kyle Olson

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