Kyle Olson

But I ask the question again: Where are all the billions and billions of dollars currently going? Would Rhonda “Randi” Weingarten ever bother to address that, or would that distract from her narrative that teachers are being laid off and therefore the mean-spirited taxpayers must obviously hate teachers?

We’re only now hearing about the squalid, unacceptable conditions our government is putting students in? Is it any wonder traditional public school students don’t perform as well as charter school students? And charter schools, by the way, typically receive 75% to 85% of what their traditional public school counterparts receive in taxpayer dollars. Furthermore, they don’t get a dime from taxpayers for facilities. Charter schools have to find those dollars another way.

Yet they find a way to make it work.

As the unions and Obama administration continue to try to make the case for the Jobs Bill, they’re revealing the soft underbelly of government ineptness in the process.

It makes you wonder, “if this is how they’re spending our dollars, why should we give them more?”

Kyle Olson

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