Kyle Olson

While Marxists spout equality and equal worth, they are not above claiming ownership of the Occupy Wall Street protests. Turns out some are more equal than others.

LaborNotes reports:

“Unions and other sympathetic groups called out their members to defend the [Wall Street] occupation—rallying to a phenomenon that’s put wage cuts, layoffs, and foreclosures squarely in the national debate. ... “Red-shirted Communications Workers—many of them recently on strike against Verizon—graduate student members of the United Auto Workers, building services workers in their SEIU Local 32BJ purple T-shirts, and Transport Workers Local 100 members were among the unionists visible in the crowd. “The victory came ‘because of our unity and strength,’ said James Taylor of 32BJ. He also thought [New York City Mayor] Bloomberg had made a political calculation: ‘Especially with the unions out here, they can’t claim it’s just a bunch of college kids.’”

Unions of every stripe have embraced the #Occupy movement with full-throated chants and jeers. According to LaborNotes, unions deserve the credit.

“Kevin Doyle, vice-president of 32BJ, said 500 members of his union rallied at Wall Street and then marched to the occupation on Wednesday. The union represents 120,000 workers in eight states, and is facing tough contract fights—2,600 Philadelphia property service workers may strike as soon as Saturday night. “’The occupy demonstrations have struck a nerve around the country,’ Doyle said. ‘We’re participating because there’s the same kind of issues, the concentration of wealth, the need to re-democratize society.’”

I’m not so sure average Americans would be happy with SEIU’s version of “democracy.” By standing with Marxists, Communists and Anarchists, SEIU, the teachers unions and others are signalizing their version of “democracy” is more like totalitarianism. That’s a very dangerous flirtation we’re allowing to happen in America.

Kyle Olson

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