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Naturally, it’s the businesses’ fault.  The reality is business owners are unsure of the tax, regulatory and ObamaCare liability environment, so they’re sitting tight.  Businesses are cautious when there is instability, which the Obama administration has created.

Nevertheless, Biden, like the typical liberal, sets up false choices.  “As the president’s said, you know, we have to have priorities.  It’s not that we are against people getting tax breaks who are wealthy, I mean, it’s just about being fair.”

“Thirty billion dollars to hire back or keep a total of 280,000 teachers employed.  We can either do that, or we can continue to give a $37 billion tax break…to the oil companies, who are doing incredibly well, don’t need our help, said they didn’t, but our Republican colleagues and a few Democrats have said they’re going to continue that tax break – that loophole – for gas and oil.  It’s not needed.

“We can spend $37 billion continuing this loophole or $30 billion for 280,000 teachers in the classroom.”

The others on the leftist list of boogeymen didn’t escape unscathed.

“We can modernize our 35,000 schools or we can keep letting hedge fund managers – and they’re not bad guys – but hedge fund managers pay at 15 percent tax.  You guys pay at 28 percent or higher.  And it’s a $20 billion a year tax break allowing them to avoid ordinary income taxes. … It’s just not fair.

“What do you want to do?  Keep that tax loophole that costs $20 billion a year or modernize 35,000 public schools and put people to work?”

Oil companies? Check.  Hedge fund managers?  Check.  Who’s left?  Oh yeah, corporate jet owners.

“We can either keep cops and firefighters on the job, which we do in this bill – there’s a total of $5 billion for them combined – or you can give corporate jet owners a special tax break. … That costs $3 billion, that one tax loophole, for corporate jet owners.  They’re not bad guys, I don’t care if they have jets, but why in God’s name are we going to spend $3 billion to give them that tax break…?”

Another apparent injustice is the paltry fee for corporate jets to file a flight plan, according to Biden.  It’s supposedly much cheaper than for a commercial airline to do the same.  Biden contends $12 billion can be raised by increasing the fee to $100.

NEA president Dennis Van Roekel fawned all over Biden.  “The NEA, we are proud to stand with this administration.  We recognize the unwavering commitment you have made to working families and students,” said in response.

AFT president Ranid Weigarten assured Biden the unions would be there for the Obama administration.  “…The president has put together a very granular, very concrete bill…to actually put people back to work.”

“Now it’s for us to try to get this done.  Create the pressure we know educators can do to say, look – we can’t, you know – there’s an election in 14 months from now but this is an opportunity to get this done, paid for with shared sacrifice – shared responsibility – of those who happen to be more fortunate than most people on this call and this is that opportunity.

“And speaking for the AFT, Mr. Vice President, then I’ll stop, we will do whatever we can to help create the…advocacy to do this.”

So on behalf of the administration, the NEA and AFT will begin the work of selling yet another bailout for government-run schools.  A bailout, of course, which would produce $35.4 million in dues for the NEA and $13.1 million for the AFT.

Kyle Olson

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