Kyle Olson

And while we’re at it, let’s talk about your $368,000 annual compensation package. Where’s your solidarity with the unemployed workers of Detroit?  Can’t you give up your “fair share” of your salary and perks so they can have a little? Or do you enjoy living like a corporate CEO?

The reason corporations – and apparently unions – are hoarding investment dollars is because President Obama and his administration have cultivated an unstable environment in which to do business. Companies don’t know what their tax, regulatory and health care liabilities are going to be under this anti-business administration, so they’re sitting on the sidelines.  They’re being responsible to their investors and existing employees.

The best thing to do is to drop the strong-arm rhetoric and convince the president to create a stable environment to allow business to do what it does best – create job opportunities for Americans.  But that would run contrary to the leftist, Hoffa-type gasbag narrative of evil, unpatriotic corporations, and we just can’t have that in an election season.

Kyle Olson

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