Kyle Olson

“Much of my first year of teaching was spent trying to bring together the world of my political activism and passion for equity and justice, with the new world I was entering as a teacher. I know I made lots of mistakes and learned some things the hard way. But I learned a lot of valuable lessons as well.”

This is Social Justice Indoctrination 101. This is not teaching 3rd graders to read, write and compute basic math (not to mention appreciate America and its importance to world history). This is enlisting them in the Big Education army to do the bidding of the adults who want Viagra coverage maintained, even if it means axing the school librarian.

It’s not fair for school teachers to brainwash young students in their political philosophies. If they were true educators, they would present all sides of an issue (if third graders could understand the complexities of most issues) and let them draw their own conclusions.

It’s also not fair for teachers to use children as props in their political movement. Parents send their kids to school to learn how to read and write. I’m sure very few parents want their children taught the fundamentals of Marxism from a sympathetic perspective.

Do Weiss and teachers like her really believe they are being paid to spout their nutty political beliefs in the classroom? She and her kind are a colossal waste of tax dollars and should be removed from the Milwaukee school payroll.

Kyle Olson

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