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There’s a great scene in Sudden Impact, the second Dirty Harry film, in which Harry Callahan “handles” all the criminals. But one bad guy, in the climax of the scene, decides to use a waitress as a human shield.

“Go ahead, make my day,” Harry tells him. The criminal thought better and didn’t meet the fate of his counterparts.

Today, teachers unions have grabbed their own human shields. They are using children in an attempt to stifle reform and preserve their pay and benefits.

The Carolina Journal reports State Rep. Mike Stone received a hand-written note from his 8-year old daughter asking him to “put the buget (sic) higher dad.”

The school’s superintendent called the action “appropriate” and said it “encompasses a lot of skills that today’s graduates should be able to replicate in the workforce.”

In Grand Rapids, Michigan, teachers’ union president Paul Helder floated the idea of the school board shuttering the schools one day so the students could go on a “civics field trip” to the state Capitol.

The fact that the leader of the teachers union would actually propose closing school, and giving up a day of learning for a labor protest, tells us where union priorities lie.

In Wisconsin, who can forget the MacIver Institute video of students marching around the Capitol? When asked what they were doing there, one replied, “you know, I don’t really even know. I guess we’re protesting today.” “We’re trying to stop whatever this dude is doing,” another said.

Governors and state legislatures are passing tough reforms and telling the teachers unions to “make their day.”

But thus far, the unions aren’t as smart as the criminals and are still taunting Dirty Harry. The question is, from the original Dirty Harry: “Do you feel lucky?” Well, do you, teachers unions?

Kyle Olson

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