Kyle Olson

Why the apparent hypocrisy? Just follow the money. The progressives are in the hip pocket of the teachers’ unions. During the 2007-08 election cycle, the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers spent $71.7 million. (It’s a safe bet that money didn’t go toward promoting John McCain.)

For all that “investment,” unions elect a political class that is determined to protect the government’s monopoly over public education.

So instead of giving kids a lifeline out, progressives sentence kids to Drop Out Factories – awful schools that have high crime rates, lousy academics and adult school employees who are more concerned about their health insurance deductible and pension plan than they are about the quality of education being delivered to children.

The teachers’ unions have successfully infiltrated and bought their way into the leadership of an entire political party, to the point where politicians betray their constituents in some of the worst neighborhoods in America, just to get a union endorsement, campaign check, and boots on the ground at election time.

This is the battlefront Walker has chosen as his next major political showdown. It’s as if Walker is taking on the Gambino family one at a time.

Apparently, Scott Walker knows no fear.

For the sake of Milwaukee’s children, let’s hope he prevails.

Kyle Olson

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