Kyle Olson

That poses a simple question - if the Senate committee indeed violated the open meetings law, couldn't it just meet again, vote in favor of the law again, then have the full Senate pass it again and the governor sign it again?

Not so simple, according to a Senate staffer. The Senate could do all of that, but the Democrats have vowed to keep posing legal challenge after legal challenge, to block implementation of the bill indefinitely.

As one key Democrat told the media, his party will use a "tsunami of litigation" to hold up the process. And there's no doubt that they can go judge shopping and find useful tools like Judge Sumi any time they want.

How is that democracy?

People love to gripe about the influence of special interests in government. Now they're watching a horrific example of special interest influence blocking the will of the voters, and nobody is saying a word.

The Democrats who are doing the unions' bidding accept thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from organized labor every year. That's what special interests do - purchase the loyalty of lawmakers - sometimes Democrats, sometimes Republicans - to protect their agenda.

And the unions' pet lawmakers will go to any length to disrupt the process, even if that defies the will of the voters.

It's hard to believe that the average voters of Wisconsin, who cannot afford to purchase the loyalty of legislators, are not descending on Madison in droves, demanding that the people they elected to govern be allowed to govern.

Kyle Olson

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