Kyle Olson

His brother - the one who was a blogger on Barack Obama's campaign website until he was wiped off the site after his past was discovered - jumped in the fray, too.

These angry clowns, comrades of the domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and alumni of SDS, actually called me a "terrorist" for having the gall to request public records, and yes, hold the establishment accountable. Their attacks underscore that conservatives have become the anti-establishment, questioning and challenging the status quo.

Taxpayers have the right to access public records. It's sad they have to be subjected to personal attacks in the process. To make matters worse, school leaders have circled their wagons around Klonsky.

But we won't stop. We're going to be sure everyone knows the poison filling our public schools. They treat us like this? Just imagine what children are subjected to.

Education Action Group, with projects like “Kids Aren’t Cars” will continue showing America what is going on in our public schools until we run out of support or SDS decides to firebomb us.

Congratulations Mr. Klonsky -- you've become "the man." And we're making you and your radical comrades our special project.

Kyle Olson

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