Kurt  Schlichter

Then Eric Holder got in front of Congress and tried to avoid giving a straight answer to what is just about the no-brainiest of no-brainer questions anyone could ever ask the nation’s highest law enforcement officer: “Hey, is it cool for the government to whack U.S. citizens with Hellfire missiles here in the States?” Holder’s subsequent tap-dancing around to avoid answering with an unequivocal “No” led to Rand Paul’s remarkable filibuster, an event made even more remarkable by the fact that a lot of people who usually suck up to the POTUS came down on the side of the Tea Party hero.

Even the media is starting to get a tiny bit feisty, or at least what passes for feisty considering today’s low bar for press sycophancy. The press got pouty that The One picked Tiger Woods over them. Then Bob Woodward dared defy the narrative, and even a few others came forward with tales of clumsy thuggery by White House pipsqueaks. If these trends continue, sooner or later some reporter may ask him a tough question.

It’s only the beginning of Round Two and already Obama is running out of political capital as the fails just keep on coming. He nominated a guy for Secretary of Defense who managed to both force Senate Democrats to take a vote that their opponents will hang around their necks in 2014 and inflame the Republican squish caucus. The courts dissed him by requiring that when he makes recess appointments, the Senate has to, you know, actually be in recess. Hell, he even lost at the Oscars when the movie about Jimmy Carter, Argo, took best picture over the one he thinks is about him, Lincoln.

Yeah, in the last month he lost to both the Congressional GOP and to President Peanut. Think about that.

And, best of all, his crusade against guns remains the conservatives’ gift that keeps on giving. Obama really thought that his exploitation-fueled campaign against the troublesome Second Amendment was going to succeed and scatter his opponents to the four winds. No longer would liberal legislators be constrained by fear of accountability to voters nostalgic for their Constitutional rights!


Obama ignored the desperate signals of Democrats from the land outside the coastal cities that maybe this was one hornet nest he shouldn’t poke. Relying upon his vast experience with mainstream America gained from years attending cocktail parties with Bill Ayers in Chicago, Obama embraced a radical agenda of banning various guns, standard magazines and registration. But the high-fives among the gun-grabbers were premature.

He might get some background checks, assuming the feds aren’t allowed to keep records of them that could facilitate future stages of the plot to disarm America. He will get some red state Senate Democrats fired, assuming the GOP can nominate candidates whose sole opinion on rape is that they oppose it.

Best of all, Joe Biden took the opportunity to hold forth on his own unique views regarding tactical close combat techniques. Sure, Joe managed to sound borderline insane with his advice to randomly fire buckshot into the air and through closed doors, but in doing so he also reaffirmed the basic principle that individual Americans should use their weapons to protect themselves.

Way to go, Joe.

Now the President is reduced to hitting the campaign trail again, repeating his hackneyed lines about a “balanced approach” in front of staged tableaus of uncomfortable-looking cops and hardhats and…the Village People. Yes, even Saturday Night Live managed to stop sucking-up long enough to satirize his Sequester scaremongering with a parody of “Y.M.C.A”. It would have been “In the Navy”, except all the ships are in port.

Could it be that the President has no clothes?

Obama has always benefited from the respect and deference of his supplicants in the media and popular culture to maintain the illusion of competence. But it’s all an illusion. He’s President Oakland – there is no there there.

He’s failed on the economy, he’s failed on the deficit, and he’s failed in foreign policy. His approval ratings are dropping, as is the GDP. He has swollen the national debt and his fecklessness has led to a Middle East that, against all odds, he has somehow managed to make even worse than before. His sole legacy is a disastrous health care monstrosity that the American people hate and will come to hate even more when it drives their premiums through the roof.

And, worse for him, the House GOP is finally waking up to the fact that it can say, “No.” No to more taxes. No to a cap and trade racket. No to helping Obama win. The GOP hasn’t yet scored a knockout, but there’s no doubt it’s winning on points.

There’s no coming back. Obama just can’t take a punch. He never could. He dances and darts away from his opponent, never engaging directly, not winning himself but waiting for his opponent to self-destruct. It’s time for the GOP to drive him into the ropes and keep working the gut until the 2014 bell rings.

Kurt Schlichter

Kurt Schlichter (Twitter: @KurtSchlichter) was personally recruited to write conservative commentary by Andrew Breitbart. He is a successful Los Angeles trial lawyer, a veteran with a masters in Strategic Studies from the United States Army War College, and a former stand-up comic.