Kristen Fyfe

An open letter to “Kristen”:

Are you happy, dear? You’ve achieved your 15 minutes (plus) of fame and had your name bandied about in practically every media outlet in America. Of course you aren’t being painted as a villain at all, which must be a comfort. But we all now know how much you get paid for your services, that you “look American” are about 5’5” tall and are a brunette. We’ve also been treated to transcripts of your conversations with your pimp about your perceptions of Mr. Spitzer and his …. “needs.”

Your escapades with the Governor of New York have also given the media a chance for some voyeuristic visits to the world of “high-priced call girls.” Good Morning America had a feature with a “high-priced pimp” who was busted a few years ago. CBS’s Early Show examined the world of call girls. Today spotlighted a $3,000/hour college-educated prostitute in Nevada who said she was a “business woman” using her “best asset, me.” The Washington Post had a feature on the front page of the “Style” section about how you all are supposed to keep your lips sealed, as privacy apparently is supposed to come with your services. The Post also ran a completely tasteless column by Harold Meyerson talking about his underpriced sexual fantasies, but let’s not talk about him. This is about YOU, dear “Kristen.”

So, I’ll ask the question again. Are you happy, dear? Has your decision to pursue a life as an employee of the Emperor’s Club VIP been fulfilling? Did you ever think when you decided to pursue this career path that you’d have your name mentioned in The New York Times and on every news network in America?

Did you ever think you’d help destroy a man’s family, his career, his reputation? Granted, Mr. Spitzer is absolutely responsible for hiring you and apparently many others in your profession. But he didn’t act alone, did he? He’s gone down in flames and rightly so. But what about you? The media have told us that “johns” don’t usually get arrested for paying for sex, even if it’s illegal. The pundits speculate that if your “client” is indicted it won’t be for solicitation. Word is, it’s usually the pimps and prostitutes, er, madams and call girls, who get arrested. I wonder if you will be in this case. I wonder if you’re nervous about that.

But mostly I wonder what you and your … umm, colleagues… are thinking? Do you not realize that while you may be part of the oldest profession you are also part of one of the most destructive forces in our culture? Are you so intoxicated by the power you have over men and the money they are willing to pay for you that you can’t see beyond the bed sheets to the bigger costs?

Kristen Fyfe

Kristen Fyfe is senior writer at the Culture and Media Institute, a division of the Media Research Center.

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