Kristan Hawkins

And Tim Malloy, the assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute, concurred:

Any Democrat with an 11-point approval deficit among women is in trouble. And any elected official with an 8-point trust deficit is in serious trouble.

Polling from as recently as November shows that Obama's ratings among women have hit an all-time low since the enactment of Obamacare rulings like the HHS contraception mandate, which is touted as a boon to women's reproductive freedom, while it forces employers with conscientious objections to provide free abortifacient birth control to all female employees. Females, however, are not as happy about this as the liberal left would have us believe. A Quinnipiac University poll reveals that only 40% of women still approve of President Obama -- and that number is rapidly dropping.

Continuing his earlier piece, Priebus described the problem of liberal rhetoric blurring key stats about voter support for abortion:

Despite Democrats’ rhetoric, Republicans actually stand with the majority of Americans on many important life issues. For example, a majority of Americans disapprove of late term abortions, but Democrats, especially President Obama, take the extreme position of supporting them. Republicans at the state and national level have worked to enact protections for life after 20 weeks of pregnancy, but Democrats by and large have opposed them—and therefore opposed the majority of Americans. Most Americans see these protections as reasonable and the right thing to do.

Moreover, polling in recent years shows Americans support a range of other pro-life policies: 87 percent support informed-consent laws; 71 percent support parental consent laws; 69 percent support a 24-waiting period; 64 percent support banning partial-birth abortion.

Contrary to the advice given by some notable RINOs that the Republican party abandon its social platform (especially on life issues) to secure a greater chance at victory in the 2016 presidential elections, Priebus has demonstrated that he intends to steer the Republican ship securely along the course of its long-held, life-affirming platform. And socially-liberal Republicans... well, maybe they're not as “Republican” as they think, after all:

I’ll be on the March for Life stage with national and local pro-life leaders next week because I think America should stand on the side of life, and that is where the Republican Party will continue to stand.

Kristan Hawkins

Kristan Hawkins is the President of Students for Life of America, the nation’s largest pro-life youth organization with over 700 groups nationwide. She is author of the new book “Courageous: Students Abolishing Abortion in this Lifetime.”