Kevin Williams

This film does also suffer from weak acting in other roles, however good performances come from Eloy Mendez as the Mexican migrant worker, “Alonso Benavidez,” and Ethan Flower as Duke. It is not that the other actors are bad. It is just that a number of them aren’t what this film needs to tell such a big story. There are some major leaps of faith (and logic) in the film’s story which makes one wonder if this is due to the film’s lack of budget or lack of actors capable of elevating the matter through performance or improvisation.

“Dragon Day” is a film not lacking in ambition and the intimacy of what happens to Duke Evans and his family has a certain “On The Beach” (1959) to it. This intimacy is a great strength as it helps to pull the viewer into the story by making them think… how would I or my family react if this all really happened? It is a great question to ponder in this world of government computer hacking (and spying) and our society’s growing dependence on technology.

“Dragon Day” ends with a surprise that will make many squirm in their seat. You may see it coming, but not in the way or method that you thought you would. While the film may not reach great heights in every scene, it does push a viewer to challenge themselves like few other movies have recently. The national and personal security issues this film brings forth should be discussed by many Americans. “Dragon Day” is a film worthy of your DVD viewing if you can look past some acting deficiencies and major script holes. But then again, many Hollywood films have those problems today. The film is not yet rated and is available on DVD/Blu-Ray at

Kevin Williams

Kevin Williams directed and produced the documentary feature film Fear of a Black Republican after working in a variety of production roles on films such as A Beautiful Mind, Signs, Hack, Surrender Dorothy, Like Mike, I.Q., and Jersey Girl. In addition, Kevin served as the Founding Director of the Trenton Film Festival in Trenton, NJ and also currently teaches Documentary and Narrative Filmmaking.