Kevin Theriot

Savage’s rant demonstrates that he and his colleagues want Constitutional protection to offend and criticize people of faith who believe homosexual behavior is harmful, but are pushing for laws that criminalize any speech they find offensive.

So the truth is that there is a hierarchy of acceptable and unacceptable views on the issue of homosexual behavior. For homosexual activists, the number one protected viewpoint should be theirs, and any groups who might not take too kindly to the activists’ pursuit of special rights should lose their constitutionally protected freedom.

This means Christians can be criticized and vilified all day long by those who so frequently lay claim to “tolerance.” But the pretense of tolerance is long over. Profane tirades against Christian students by people like Mr. Savage unquestionably demonstrate that this has always been about foisting his beliefs on people whether they like it or not, and silencing any opposition. No one should be bamboozled by the anti-speech policies they promote ever again.

Kevin Theriot

Kevin Theriot is senior counsel with the Alliance Defense Fund.

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