Kevin McCullough

So as of this past Monday CBS News reported that students in every California public high school can now pick which locker room, bathroom, and sports team they wished to utilize, given that sex segregation is not now evidently something the State of California believes in.

Oh sure the lawmakers that passed the law--and elected by the "citizens" of the state--claim the measure is only designed to allow struggling, transitioning, or transgendered students to make such choices. And no doubt they are telling the one true God's honest truth right?

I mean no 14 year old boy I've ever known, would've ever been tempted to use some loophole merely to get into the girls' locker room. Because our little kiddies are just perfect and never do anything they're not supposed to... Right?

I guess there is one other characteristic that holds these three stories together besides their utter absurdity, and that is the absolute lunacy of the philosophical, theological, economical, and political left that forms the basis of "reasoning" for those that defend each of these policies.

Leftists don't believe there are moral absolutes -- so you can make nuns participate in abortions. (A mortal sin in their faith.)

Leftists don't believe there are moral absolutes -- so the recognized law of "We The People" can be shredded so long as leftists get more hispanic votes in 2014.

Leftists don't believe there are moral absolutes -- so any who seek to say that boys and girls are different from one another must be isolated, marginalized, and eliminated.

People of true values, true integrity, and true dignity see the folly of these ham-handed efforts. I mean, the left isn't even employing any sophistication about it anymore.

The progressive just believes that they "know." And you (and I) "don't!"

Lastly, I'd also like to know what the rush is with all of this. The administration, just moments after SCOTUS justice Sottomayor allowed a reprieve to the Colorado nuns, were immediately filing briefs arguing why they--and other faith groups--should not be allowed even temporary exemption from Obamacare on the basis of religion. Which is rich given that the administration personally granted more than 4000 exemptions to companies and persons for truly far less important reasons.

Why must we now have people practicing law that they are not subject to? Why must our daughters be wondering if the boy using the locker next to her is looking at her because he wants to borrow her clothes, or get in her pants.

Why must we be dealing with any of it?

Because the left does not believe there are moral absolutes.