Kevin McCullough

Kutcher is a celebrated actor, married to Demi Moore--who is considerably his elder, and appears to have maybe the most fun of anyone in all of Hollywood.

When he was honored by the Teen Choice Awards he even rebuffed their courtesy by saying he was the "old guy."

But it was his assertion following that joke that stood out in the viral internet noise this week.

He told the teens that to him "opportunity" in life, looked to him a lot like "hard work."

He told of a series of jobs he had before getting into acting--all of them manual labor, all of them non-ideal, and then he added what may be the most profound thing to be said by a member of Hollywood... ever.

He said, "I've never had a job I'm better than!"

Meaning he found dignity in the opportunity to work a job... any job... every job, and to provide for himself.

The fact that the video has gone viral with thousands of copies racking up millions of views across the web, only serves to reinforce how rare this message is today.

And yet he couldn't be more correct.

There is a dignity that comes from working hard, sometimes in life working even harder than what you believe is endurable, but with it comes the confidence that you will be prepared for a better opportunity (more hard work) when it is presented to you.

If every American adopted this mentality, we could become a debt-free economic machine that could feed every family in our borders and pour philanthropy across the globe.

But while we have administrative handouts, disguised as "programs that help people", we won't gain freedom--but rather extended enslavement.

And that is a sad picture of America's new tomorrow!

A tomorrow--we no doubt believe--we are better than.