Kevin McCullough

Another bit of evidence in the matter is that when voices of reason do speak (i.e. Lisa Fritsch, Charles Barkley, Dr. William Cosby, et. al), based on seeing the facts for themselves and then urging calm they are shouted down. Or in Dr. Cosby's case--"Reverend" Jesse Jackson in a moment of candidness--utters desires to remove Cosby's anatomical manhood.

Also readily evident to any who would be honest is that when there are voices who point out that current solutions being touted for suffering neighborhoods are not working, squeals of "racism", come the same grievance inciters. So when a popular commentator on the largest news network points out the inconsistency of punishing a Latin American man harshly for an accidental death, while more or less ignoring the character, grooming, and integrity of African-American men who go on killing rampages in wholly African-American controlled neighborhoods is at a minimum hypocritical.

The truth--the cold hard truth--is that this cadre of voices (Sharpton, Holder, Jackson, Obama, et al.) benefit far more by practicing racism in theory, rhetoric, and actions, than by ever seeking honest resolutions. They continue to be propped up by those who keep themselves intellectually shallow of fact. And a handful of media outlets--mostly operated by NBC--seem to pander on the issue instead of seeking intellectually rigorous, heartfelt, passionate solutions to the problems that face the nation.

This combination of dishonesty, access, and support now furthers racist outcomes and those involved are directly contributing to the anger, vandalism, and violence that follows in its wake.

As the father of a son whose skin is darker than any of the men mentioned in this article, my fear is what consequences he faces, because of their vanity, selfishness, hubris, and greed.

See in order to end racism, you must not merely tolerate people who are different than you--but begin to truly honor, serve, and love them.

And it is the absence of honor in the character of today's "civil rights 'leaders'" that betrays their true intention: to practice racism, and to profit from it for themselves indefinitely.

Making it an issue that appears at present nearly impossible to defeat.