Kevin McCullough

These men are pillars in their communities. They both demonstrate the character-birthed foresight to speak truth to those who need it, regardless of how unpopular it may be. They both prove to be such men of strength that their recognition and appreciation of their communities is recognized from local high school bullies to the sitting reigning council of Krypton.

These men are pillars to a watching society. Both men sacrifice their own welfare for the good of the greater world, their families, and even for Clark/Cal. Both men create memories or holograms that serve as a continual source of guidance and council for the man that Clark is becoming, and the mission he was masterfully created for.

One gives up Clark, knowing he is the only hope of salvation for the universe, thus he sends him to earth. And it is there where the other adopts Clark as his own flesh, teaches him all that he is capable of and lives faithfully before him, to give Clark the foundation he will need to be the saving force of all mankind.

But wait, this sounds vaguely familiar.

Of course it does.

The narrative of the Biblical text claims that God the Father -- who in many places throughout scripture takes the name of "El" (the name of Superman's Krypton family) -- sent His Son, who would also have questions about His role in the world as a child, grow up as an alien to those around Him, see the evils and injustice of the world--and work miracles to correct them, and eventually be the literal salvation of humanity through His ultimate miracle of defeating death.

Yes I suspect one of the reasons some entertainment critics have been so unfair to the legitimate greatness of this epic masterpiece is that they are too overcome by an allegory of another story that they have not settled in their own belief system yet.

Shame on them, for withholding true analysis because of their own petty weaknesses as critics.

It is not a mistake that the original creators of Superman had these two towering figures of men in Clark's life. I'm grateful that new generations will now see the contributions fathers can and should be effecting in the lives of every child they raise.

The mission of this Superman may not have been to help restore faith in the traditional family, and fathers doing their God-given part to provide and to protect those they love.

But it is a side effect that I am grateful shines through with abundant clarity in the biggest blockbuster of the decade!