Kevin McCullough

Because Joe Biden and Piers Morgan believe that the world sees things the way they do, it is almost impossible for them to handle honest to goodness fact, truth, and demonstration of ideas that would solve the actual issue we face in school shootings. This is very much the case for those ideas that run contrary to theirs.

Yet Shapiro was right, Morgan, Biden and others exploit the deaths of the children of Sandy Hook, to solve a problem that does not need to exist. And it wouldn't--if only there were more guns in the hands of We The People.

In both Newtown, Connecticut and the Portland, Oregon shootings, the character deficient individuals who were killing innocent people, immediately ceased shooting others and shot themselves, the moment (not a second before), that they realized a gun was aimed at them.

In the Newtown case the shooter had already jumped through the hoops of the gun control legislation on the books. He had been denied the opportunity to buy a gun based on his desire not to have a background check run. Additionally, the Newtown school's gun-free security system made it harder for him to get into the building--trying separate locked doors--and finally blasted his way in when he had grown frustrated enough.

But imagine if an armed security officer, policeman, or school personnel had been waiting on the other side. 20 children would be alive today that are not with us.

I find it excessively odd that the solutions of Biden and Morgan appear to only attack, address the behavior of, and seek to limit the actions of law-abiding people. As if after passing more than twenty thousand federal, state, and local gun laws, this nation still believes that legislation will prevent criminal, heinous acts from happening.

In reality the only thing that will prevent heinous acts, is fear by the people who would be prone to carry them out. We call it an incentive towards good behavior, and it is not rocket science. Why do conceal carry states have such precipitous drop in violent crime--the immediate year following such deregulation.

And Misters Biden and Morgan, why did the three worst shootings of last year occur in Oregon, Colorado, and Connecticut which already have restrictive gun laws. Why not in Texas?

I also find it odd that while President Obama signed legislation this week that insured himself armed guards as lifelong protection at the expense of the taxpayer, that he also voted in 2004 against allowing people simple handguns to protect their home, and in 1996 answered a survey where he indicated in his own handwriting that he was in favor of a ban on the manufacture, sale, and distribution of handguns of any sort.

So while arming himself, President Obama has literally worked to disarm everyday Americans--his boss.

Whatever executive action (used by Joe Biden this week: a noun: used by the Central Intelligence Agency starting in the early 1950s to refer to their assassination operation) the administration decides to take, they had best be prepared for the fallout. For the controversial Internet personality Alex Jones said on CNN that there would be a second American revolution. The best-selling author Ben Shapiro said, Americans have a right to be armed against "the tyranny" (a noun: oppressive power exerted by government) of a government that overreaches. The two men who couldn't be more different from one another both speaking what the majority of Americans already know.

That we will not allow any power, foreign or domestic to infringe upon our right to keep and bear arms.