Kevin McCullough

As a lover of words, I always enjoy dissecting the meaning of something when someone states it, especially if they do it in a way that they said they never would.

Obama says, "unnecessary and ill-advised provision... because the military already protects the freedom of conscience."

Well Mr. President--I don't mean to speak out of turn--but if that were true, then why did people find it necessary to include this provision in this bill?

Obama, "The Secretary of Defense will ensure... regulations do not permit... discriminatory actions..."

Again, Mr. President, this seems to be saying that your designee will be the arbiter of what is moral. Not the conscience of the chaplain. This provision is designed to keep you from being able to order the chaplain to do something that violates his conscience. (You're pretty much missing the point here sir.)

Obama, "My administration remains committed to continuing the... implementation... of the repeal... of Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

But wait, Mr. President, you took some law courses right? Once you've repealed a bill, there is no "continuing the successful implementation of." A law is repealed or it isn't. Someone isn't "almost" pregnant.

Obama, "Section 533 will not alter that."

Except Mr. President it completely will, as long as the section is allowed to stand under the law as passed. A law you signed. A law that even you yourself now sit under the authority of. And nothing you say about section thus and so will make it any other way.

Now I fully expect the President and his gaggle (Holder and the like) to go on a hot streak of investigation to purge all the discriminatory chaplains that exist in the military. Court cases must be filed, and these rampant abusers of power, the highly exalted military chaplain corps must be humbled. Because you know if there is one place to find discrimination it's in the military, and above all else you know how rotten to the bone military chaplains are in their uncaring desire to administer faith and comfort to wounded service personnel.

Today I am thankful for the men of conscience that make up our chaplain ranks. I pray for their future. And I hope that someday our President will learn to respect others' differences rather than insisting that his view of what is moral always be the law of the land.

President Obama is not God, though in his signing statement to this measure he sure seems to wish to sound like him.