Kevin McCullough

Then there is the one truly at fault--the one who pulled that trigger. The heart that was bathed, lathered, and soaked in the molestation of a satanic force until it had marinated to a murderous forte, killed unrepentantly, and with no mercy for the innocent. Selfishness screamed louder than selflessness, and the results of such thinking, is a path of abject destruction.

Oddly it is that very presence of evil, and more specifically the identification of it by any who observed, that also points to mankind's greatest hope.

For evil personified can not exist in this reality or any other without an equal level of good also existing.

It's a yin and yang.

We only understand the horror of evil because of the presence of good we have also seen, witnessed to, felt for ourselves. But if evil is real then there is no need to argue anything - good must also be as well. Logic tells us this, no matter what the social engineers, veiled as university academics try to tell us in this post-Freudian age. There is right and wrong, immoral and moral, and there was no confusion about what was what this week at the Sandy Hook elementary school.

That good that is present is also an objective form of good, something elevated above all we can see,

We commonly call him GOD!

And that God knows something of the suffering those families face this day.

For he lost His son.

Not due to a lone, crazed gunman, but to an angry, illogical, dishonest mob.

Not because of the sin of one, but because of the sin of every-one.

Yours, mine, all of them.

I have no answer tonight for the one question every family member is begging an answer to. In this life, and on this earth we likely will never have an answer as to, "why?"

But I know this: God is.

He is not mocked. And as we sow, He reminds us, we also reap!

What are we sowing? Is it wisdom? Is it truth? Is it honor? Will it heal the riff between a troubled man and his mother? Will it stop anger before it explodes?

God take mercy on us, though we do not deserve it.

Show us the way home, obliterating confusion and helping to walk with clarity--in truth--a little bit more--each day!