Kevin McCullough

In the principled argument of obeying the human law of established government, God is clear that we should obey the human government. The exception to this biblical principle stems from a conflict between the law of man and the law of God.

For those that believe their relationship with God is of moral priority, to violate His law, is to commit multiple transgressions against the author of their soul. It is to commit blasphemy and rebellion against the one they are pledged to obey.

Thusly, like Dietrich Bonhoeffer defied the tyranny of the National Socialists of his time, it is time for people of genuine faith to run the risk of consequence in order to demonstrate faithfulness.

Demonstrate such faithfulness to God and his principles...

Demonstrate such faithfulness on behalf of the innocent victims who would be exterminated otherwise...

The consequence of such defiance is not yet understood. If successful it might create such a constitutional crisis that the court might be forced to reexamine what it has done to force violence upon the human soul. At worst those who do defy might begin to be jailed, as they are in Canada, and other nations in which the governments have limited religious freedoms and are seeking to choke people of faith with a society of pagan secularism which is in itself a propagated religious belief system.

There is a time of great purity that awaits people of faith in the days, weeks, and next four years to come.

An Eric Holder led justice department--actively seeking to subvert justice, implement a political agenda, and give almost no thought to accountability for its own actions--may be quite eager to engage, pursue, and prosecute those who they deem political opponents. A Janet Napolitano led Department of Homeland Security may work hand in hand with Holder to track those she has already labeled as dangerous--all the while ignoring genuine national security threats. And a Barack Obama appointed and remade Supreme Court may throw out the actual rule of actual law and for the foreseeable future checks and balances may be lifted all together.

Bonhoeffer can almost be heard warning us from the grave.

Yet by his example, we must be faithful, regardless of the consequence that awaits.

So... Disobey the mandate, and defy this law.
For when it becomes necessary to follow one's conscience--especially to save the lives of those who are most vulnerable--citizens and institutions have a requirement to violate that law.

And when any law violates human dignity, and by extension God's greater moral code--"We The People" have the responsibility and moral authority to disobey it.